How It Works

When you go with FL Solar Advisors you'll receive expert guidance throughout the entire process - ensuring a great investment for years to come. Take a look below to learn about our unique process.

Book A Free Consultation

Our process begins with you booking your free consultation with one of our Solar Advisors. When meeting for your free consultation, you will receive a free Energy Assessment, a preliminary system design, a complete Financial Analysis, competitive rates, and expert guidance throughout the entire process - ensuring a great investment for years to come.

Get A Free Energy Assessment & Preliminary System Design

To kick things off, your Solar Advisor will begin by conducting a Free Energy Assessment and preparing a preliminary system design based on satellite images of your property, 50 years of precise weather data, an analysis of your annual energy usage, and a complete breakdown of your expected energy offset. A copy of the custom solar system designed specifically for your roof will be included in your Free Solar Analysis.

Get A Free Financial Analysis Comparing Your Options

Next, your Solar Advisor will begin to conduct a Free Financial Analysis which will include a complete breakdown of your monthly, annual and lifetime savings over the life of your solar system based on various finance options and taking into account any available tax deductions that you may receive. Your Solar Advisor will show you how your system will pay for itself in energy savings and what kind of return you can expect to earn over the life of your system. Additionally, your Solar Advisor will review all of your options with you and help guide you to the best one so you and your family can get the most out of going solar.

Engineering, Product Procurement & Permitting

Once you have decided to move forward with one of our Solar Advisors, they'll guide you through the process to ensure we lock in your pricing, materials, incentives, and installers. Then, the Professional Engineer will complete detailed engineering plans for your project in direct accordance will local building codes and local hurricane resistance requirements, which will then be submitted for permitting to the local AHJ.

It’s Go Time - Your System Is Professionally Installed

After a building permit has been issued and the notice to proceed has been received from the AHJ, your system will be installed, tested, inspected and started to verify that the system is functioning properly and producing energy as expected. Then, a notice will be provided to the AHJ requesting final inspections so that any required adjustments can be made prior to the system officially being turned on.

Your Net-Metering Agreement Is Established

During this time you'll be guided through any remaining steps required to complete the interconnection process with your local utility company in order to activate your new net-meter that will allow you to connect to and sell back your excess energy to the grid.

All Systems Are Go - Pump The Sun & Watch Your Savings Grow

Upon the completion of final inspections approval and interconnection, your installer will return to flip the switch on to make your system live and to ensure that it is producing power as expected. Ongoing monitoring of your energy production, all the way down to an individual panel-by-panel basis is made simple by the use of the most advanced materials on the market. Results can be viewed 24/7 on a PC, tablet or smartphone at your convenience - making it a breeze to check in on all the money you're saving!